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Tuning 610WHP Audi - Autronic SM4

Dynoresult Audi

Max wheelpower: 610whp
Max engine power: 703hk
Max wheel torque: 623Nm
Estimated max torque: 708Nm
Power/l: 234hk
Engine: BMW S38B38
Engine volume: 3000cc
Supercharger: Not specified
Max boost: 1.1bar
Engine control: Autronic SM4
Fuel: E85
Owner: Carl
Presented wheel horse power (whp) can not be comparable with hub horse power (hhp) or braked horse power (bhp). Losses specified is ~80% traction losses between tire and roll, the rest is drivetrain friction losses.
Whp is the actual power that really moves the vehicle!

Powercurve Audi

Powercurve Audi
Tuning Audi  - Autronic SM4
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